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Our Story

Our founders spent many years in business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. They noticed the same themes throughout their career as they watched one after another BPO rise and fall. Companies that treated their employees as commodities and not people and their customers like blank checks and not partners. In 2010, they decided to do something different. To build a BPO from the ground up that wasn't riddled with debt, didn't have outside investors to cater to, and most importantly didn't have an "exit" strategy. This allowed them to think differently about building a BPO. They could focus on building value for their customers and not value for their investors and with no exit strategy they could run the business for the long term and build meaningful relationships for the long haul. 

Our History

Pilisource is  introduced to the Buwelo family.


Buwelo begins as a small boutique customer care company

COVID accelerates growth

Company expands to the Dominican Republic

Beginning of 2x growth period

Company expands to  Portugal, Colombia, and Ghana

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